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The Lord of the Rings Diaspora

The community surrounding the Lords of the Rings TCG has held out for an impressively long amount of time, and this can be attributed to those site admins willing to keep the light burning as long as they needed to, with no end in sight. This has however led to fragmentation, as different semi-local groups huddled around the warmth of their particular hub.

This page aims to list every Lord of the Rings TCG-related community that we are aware of. If you know of a forum, web page, social media account, or bolt-hole that can be added to this list, please fill out this form here (or scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill it out there).

If you have any questions, please reach out to the PC on Discord or send an email to

Local Community Directory

Groups of players that get together to play IRL from time to time. Direct any questions about joining to the contacts listed below.

Location Language Description Main Contact Activity URL / Email
Canada, British Columbia, Langley English Three friends that enjoy LOTR TCG, beer, and playing for nostalgia. Nick Dyson Once per month
Prague, Czech Republic Czech / English We play mainly for fun but we include interesting prices in all of our events (boosters, miniatures, maps etc). Jiří Kratina Once per month Facebook group here
Tallinn, Estonia Estonian / English We are group of five players and we organize different small tournaments and leagues among ourselves. Ülar Palmiste Twice per year
Paris, France French / English We are an active group of 16-20 players and we make two big events each year: one LOTR TCG and one Hobbit Draft Game. Enola (Nicolas Muller) Once per quarter
United Kingdom, Hull, Hessle English Regular board/card/tabletop gaming group with a few members who have recently bought into a few dead CCG's. LOTR TCG being my vice. We have started an experimental once a month meetup (outside our normal board game nights) to play some of these dead CCG's. Currently we are just trying a monthly meetup to play some dead CCG's but I'm happy to play LOTR TCG more frequently if there are any players in the Hull area Kevin Once per month
Phoenix, AZ, United States English A group of us play in the East Valley. Kreg Miller Once a quarter
Long Beach, CA, United States English SoCal players meeting in the Long Beach area. Nick Huggett Once per month
Atlanta, GA, United States English FB group for Atlanta players, mostly used to coordinate Cube Drafts at DragonCon but look forward to regular events if possible. Phillip Gladney Once per year Facebook group here
Indianapolis, IN, United States English Made up of several players across the Midwest. Looking to meet regularly once it is safe. Chris Thompson Covid-delayed
Portland, ME, United States English We're a group of LotR TCG gamers that play mostly on Gemp using voice channels in our Discord to bring more of the old school feel of playing at the LGS and enjoy getting together to talk about the game and grab a drink in the Portland area. Devon Henegar Daily on Discord Join our Discord
Grand Rapids, MI, United States English For players around West Michigan interested in casual play. Ben De Leeuw Twice per year
Missoula, MT, United States English Montana LotR TCG Group Rad Hazard New group
York, PA, United States English Casual play on a regular basis. Mix of old and new players. Active at least every other week for meetups. Sometimes weekly. Games in Gemp regularly. Zach or Paul Several times per month

Virutal Community Directory

Site Name Language Description Active URL
Lord of the Rings TCG Facebook Group English Current most active international hub of LOTR-TCG activity, its numbers swelled from 600 members to 1200 over the course of 2020. Requires a Facebook account and manual approval. Yes
GEMP English Play the LotR-TCG in your browser. Has a chatroom, so it counts as a community. Yes
LOTR TCG e outros!!! Portuguese Active Whatsapp group chat for Brazilian fans of the LotR-TCG. Yes
LOTR TCG Polska Polish Polish LotR-TCG Facebook group. Requires a Facebook account and manual approval. Yes
mLotro Discord Polish Discord server for mLotro, a Polish LOTRO clone (that actually pre-dates Gemp). Yes Email for the invite.
The Last Homely House English Long-time holdout from the Decipher days. Is attached to the wiki/card db. Some
The Lord of the Rings TCG - Brazil Portuguese Brazilian LotR-TCG Facebook group and page. Requires a Facebook account and manual approval. Some
The Pelennor Fields French Lord of the Rings TCG forum. The Hobbit Draft Game hails from here. Barely?
mLotro Polish Forum for mLotro, a Polish LOTRO clone (that actually pre-dates Gemp). Barely
/r/LOTRTCG subreddit English Tiny subreddit with the occasional post. Barely
GEMP - LOTR ? Facebook group dedicated to Gemp. Requires a Facebook account and manual approval. ?
Decipher English Archives of the official websites in the Wayback machine. Some spotty forum coverage, and maybe 80% of all card pages/articles. Different years will get you vastly different results. No
Cobra Cards English All things LOTR-TCG during the games lifetime. Archived by TLHH when it shut down. No
DeckTech English Prominent LotR-TCG website, focusing on card/deck info and strategies. Archived on the Wayback machine. No
Mahasamatman LotR TCG Trading English Popular trading site for various CCGs, including LotR-TCG. Archived on the Wayback machine, but the owner was meticulous at ensuring the parts of his website that mattered were not crawled by bots. No Polish Archives of a popular Polish LotR-TCG forum in the Wayback machine. No German / English Deck archive and small forum. No English Resources and deck listings. No English Archives of resources and strategy articles. No

Again, if you know of anything that deserves to be on the above list (even if it's long dead!) please fill out the form below.

Entry Form

If you want to see a new group posted above, please fill out the below form and the PC will take care of the rest.